over the bridge


in Phu Quoc, Vietnam and it’s so amazing. our hotel is right on the beach, the people are nice, the food is great and today we went to this market in town that was so authentic, we were the only tourists! i’m totally adjusting to jet-lag with my homeopathic remedies… and Ambien.

okay, i’ve vowed not to spend too much time online. have to go take a dip in the 80 degree ocean now!

sweaty duds: petro zillia dress, steven sandals, h&m sunnies, botkier bag


  1. Jen says:

    Oh goodness this is so great… please keep posting pics of your trip if you can. This looks amazing! Wish I was there and I hope you both have a great time.

  2. Tess says:

    hahahaha you look sooo cute and sooo out of place

  3. LH says:

    you(and your bfofc) always take beautiful pics 😉

  4. Ali says:

    ahh looks so fun!!! saw the kitties today, ill send you cute pics i took 🙂

  5. me says:

    ur so fucking cute kate

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