conscious eco-fashion


this year on earth day, april 22nd, h&m will launch aconscious collection that will come out at different times throughout the year.  seeing big companies like h&m make a deliberate and purposeful effort to make their company “greener” (the term “greening” means making your company more environmentally friendly, in case you didn’t know already) is exciting – hopefully this will motivate other brands to follow in their footsteps.

one interesting thing about big clothing companies like h&m is that sustainability sometimes goes against their business models. for years h&m has been providing us with cheap clothing that is not really meant to very last long – it will be interesting to see how sustainable their collection really is.

the clothing will be made of organic materials, recycled polyester and tencel, which is a renewable fabric.  while tencel considered a “green” material, people are questioning if it’s truly safe. i made the graphic above to show you some of the collection… all white! so far it looks good to me, i’ll take the middle dress, please and thank you.