pleather and roses


i have a ton of photos from my friend Danielle and Ramsey’s beautiful and fun Connecticut wedding this past weekend – but before i post, i have to clear them through legal (aka the Bride). so in the meantime, i’ll do a style post on the outfit i wore to the wedding…

i found this pleather dress at H&M for $39 and had to have it! i love that it’s sort of ironic with its girly cut and s&m finish. i paired it with floral print tights from Forever 21 ($6) and spiky wedges i got for half-off ($23) from Shiek in the mall – all in all this whole outfit cost around $58. Joey got his shirt and pin from the local CT Goodwill (see this post).

– H&M dress, Forever 21 tights, Shiek shoes, American Apparel clutch, all Mr. Kate jewelry, colored hair-extensions


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  2. Skylar Spangler says:

    I just bought the blush shoes offline. THAT’S HOW CUTE THEY ARE. 

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