Nate Berkus x Mr. Kate


I’M GOING to be ON THE Nate Berkus Show!!! i’m so so excited because i will be doing an interior design themed segment. i already shot some field footage, created my ‘piece’ for the segment and tomorrow is the taping with Nate in front of a live studio audience! the episode won’t air until October 18th i think, but i’ll keep you all posted so you can watch or DVR! i’m not going to give away what i’m doing for the episode, but here are some blurry hint photos. if you cross your eyes hard enough you might be able to tell what it is!…


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Hey Kate! I saw you on the Nate show. You are amazing!!  I am creative, and see thing differently. Would love to work with you!! 


I just saw you on Nate, and this is the first time I've seen you and your website! This is awesome, you are so creative and talented! 


I saw you in The Nate show and I love the table you made can u give the how to please...


Thank you! I will definitely post the how-to later today!


saw the show today, what was the recyling place you were at in NYC and how can I find it????


Thanks for watching! It's called Build It Green in Astoria, Queens (NY). it's awesome!


Your so cute!!!!    Why would I have to cross my eyes you goof????    I think it's blurry enough!!!! LOL!!!


I was at the taping of the show and have found your blog from the show.  Looking forward to the segment! I won't tell!!!


Haha awesome Maria! Thanks for finding me! And thanks for keeping a secret ; )


So fun... looking forward to seeing the segment!