DIY: framed jewelry displays


i’m sure you will all be surprised to hear that i have a lot of jewelry… i know, shocking! so when you have as much as i do, it’s hard to organize it! but these ideas that i scrounged from the web are great DIY jewelry organization options all using one of my favorite things: picture frames! – also, check out my own DIY Jewelry Tree here!

Framed Lace Jewelry Display

What You Need:

  • empty frame
  • lace ribbon
  • strong glue (like e6000), and/or staple gun
  • ornament hooks – to hang necklaces, bracelets etc. – silver ones here
  • hammer and nail

Do It:

  1. cut lengths of your lace ribbon to stretch along the back of your frame – making sure they reach the flat wood on either sides of the back of the frame.
  2. glue or staple your lace pieces to the back of the frame – making sure they’re nice and taught so the weight of your jewelry doesn’t sag it too much.
  3. hang it on your wall using a hammer and nail and use the ornament hooks to hang your necklaces and bracelets!

Frame Wine Cork Jewelry Display

Obviously we love DIYs with wine corks here at Mr. Kate! – check out more here.

What You Need:

  • empty frame with backing – no glass. you can get a cheap frame and use it without the glass or just cut a piece of cardboard to fit as the back for your frame.
  • a bunch of wine corks
  • glue gun or e6000 glue
  • small screw hooks (20 for $1.95 here)
  • hammer and nail

Do It:

  1. glue your corks within your frame to the backing of your frame. glue them lengthwise and sticking out (like the photo above) –  the protruding corks can be for your necklaces.
  2. screw your screw hooks into various corks for necklaces, rings and bracelets – note: the earrings with post backs don’t need hooks because they can just be pushed into the cork itself!
  3. hammer your nail and hang

Framed Picture Wire Jewelry Display

What You Need:

  • empty frame
  • roll of braided picture wire
  • small nails (you can also use a staple gun instead – if you have one)
  • larger nail for hanging
  • hammer
  • wire cutter
  • ornament hooks – to hang necklaces, bracelets etc. – silver ones here

Do It:

  1. decide where you want your wires strung and hammer a small nail into the back of the frame on either side where you want your wire to stretch across. *important: make sure you don’t hammer your little nails all the way down – you need room to twist your wire around under the flat head of the nail.
  2. wrap a piece of wire securely around a nail and then stretch it across the back of the frame to the nail on the other side. wrap the wire around that nail and trim the excess wire.
  3. you may want to hammer the tiny nails down a bit more once you’ve wrapped your wire around to secure and make hanging easier.
  4. hammer your large nail in the wall and hang! – use your ornament hooks to hang your necklaces, bracelets and rings – post earrings can be stuck through the braided wire and fastened in the back

Framed Burlap or Chicken Wire

What You Need:

  • empty frame
  • piece of mesh or chicken wire (hardware store) or burlap to fit the size of your frame
  • staple gun
  • ornament hooks – to hang necklaces, bracelets etc. – silver ones here
  • hammer and nail
  • wire cutters (if you’re using chicken wire) or scissors for burlap

Do It:

  1. cut your piece of fabric or wire to fit the size of your frame, reaching from back edge to back edge – you can always trim later so be generous.
  2. secure your fabric or mesh to the back of your frame with your staple gun – staple every inch or so.
  3. trim the excess with your scissors or wire cutters.
  4. hammer nail and hang! use your ornament hooks for your necklaces, bracelets and rings.

photos via: chinamommy,, unknown,


  1. Norwegian girl says:

    You are such a good inspiration! By reading your blog, I’ve finally found a creative part of me. keep up the good work! And keep post more DIY-posts!

    1. Anonymous says:

      that’s so wonderful to hear! thank you for your comment! xx – kate

  2. Truan says:

    Wow I’ve been looking for a how-to for one of these, thanks Kate!

    1. Anonymous says:

      great! glad you like it!

  3. Denisesavage72 says:

    Love all of your ideas!

  4. Mistimade says:

    Awesome! Great ideas.

  5. Maureen says:

    Ahhh I love this! I’ve been looking for a jewelry stand for a few weeks and haven’t found one I like! This is awesome and so pretty! Thanks!

  6. Mozella Designs says:

    Love! Making jewelry means I need lots of places to hang my pieces!

  7. trisch says:

    i have been collecting corks,  what a neat idea!!!

  8. Julia Coulter says:

    defo gonna start collecting corks,that’s amazing<3

  9. Caitlin Hess says:

    So Awesome! I love those ideas – makes your bedroom room so much more appealing! 

  10. Mirasoldelapena47 says:

    love it

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was looking for something to sort all my jewelry, I love the cork idea!

  12. Judy says:

    Great ideas!!  Thank you!!  XXOO, Jujubeader:)

  13. belles251 says:

    that is so cool! Im so doing this! 🙂

  14. i love diamonds and i hope that u all should check this out for more diamonds jewelry 

  15. Sofi-Lofy says:

    i love it

  16. indian beauty central says:

    Love your innovative ideas, beautiful jewelery collection

  17. KatyRenee says:

    So. Cute. I LOVE IT!!!

  18. Verdibei says:

    These are great ! You can basically recycle anything with these !

  19. sibel says:

    woww you are very talented..thanks for the great idea..i will do the first one

  20. Rejoice says:

    innovative and very aritstic thank you for the ideas

  21. Hunter Fabian says:

    this is really cool

  22. Emmalinesunshine says:

    these are amazing and look easy to do! finally an interesting way to hang my jewelry. thanks!(:

  23. Absurdlypeculiar says:

    Ah! I just saw this but I made a post about it a couple days ago on my blog. I love the corkscrew one!

  24. Gorgeous and lovelyjewelry display! thanks. I could hang my jewels around my store like that. What a creative mind you have?

  25. RayRay says:

    i love thee umm…
    it is amazinee

  26. Jessica says:

    These are really great! The technique itself, frame with string accents, is great for other stuff too. Great post/pics/ideas. Thanks so much for sharing! I just made a picture frame like this-empty frame with twine strung from one side to the other with clothespins hung on them, holding miniature vintage prints. I love this idea! 
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  27. Rkonikiewicz says:

    Any suggestions on where I can burlap like the printed one you have in the example above?


  28. Pilarb says:

    I love the white frame you used with the lace! Where did you get that frame?!

    1. mrkate says:

      that’s not my photo so i’m not sure but i saw similar frames at Ikea made out of plastic – but you could paint them. otherwise i’d check the flea market or thrift stores for some ornate frames like that. thanks! xx

  29. amz says:

    thats awesome

  30. VinPro Elegance says:

    Lace looks pretty with white frame.

  31. Nyla Crystal says:

    The lace is such a great idea!!

  32. BBakeca says:

    this is so beautiful!

  33. Peg says:

    In the description about the lace frame – nice and “taught” should be nice and taut… fyi

  34. Torri says:

    That is a really nice jewelry display idea, this would look nice in a project room.

  35. Tina Hodges says:

    I agree Torri, it makes a nice jewelry display, it could also be use at the foyer for keys and little nice things.

  36. I am damm sure womens will love your collection of jewelry products. They are looking lovely I will make sure to calculate them for my new products once I’m updating with my current store. So that I can earn more business with the help of these jewelry.

  37. Thanks for the instructions! I love them all, but would probably going to make the first and the third one :)!

  38. Nakkase says:

    Really creative idea!!

  39. Alan says:

    Nice Post…! I like it informative “framed jewelry displays” Thanks for sharing this, see the more jewelry and promote the advertising

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