ask Mr. Kate!


i’m doing another Questions & Confessions video (first EP here) but this time i’m going to answer way more questions! so please ask me any of your lifestyle, DIY, home decor, style, food, etc. questions here in a comment or on Twitter or Facebook! thank youuu!!!


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Alicia Middlebrooks

Heyy Mr. Kate,
     I am a HUGE fan of yours and always look to you for great d.i.y home decor and style tips. I love your website!!!  My question for you is......What are some tips you have for re-decorating a small space. (like a bedroom) and how to make reflect my personal style.  I love bright colors and crazy, funky art and decor pieces. Any tips


Hi Mr. Kate...

Saw you on Nate Berkus show today..loved what you did so I Googled your website...from what I gather, you are in LA question is.....where are your favorite flea markets? I love the Rose Bowl....

Thank you for your time and attention!!! 🙂

Michelle F.


 oh yay! so glad you watched! and thank you!

i do live in LA and my favorite flea market is the Melrose Trading Post every sunday on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax - it's a great selection of vendors and a little less over-whelming then the Rose Bowl... but I still love the Rose Bowl too!

thanks for your comment! xx


Mr. Kate,
     Would you mind posting an article about dealing with curly hair? Thanks!


Probably nobody at my middle school likes style. Only me. I'm not the kind of person who can throw on a t-shirt,jeans, and converse in the morning. Sometimes i even hide things in the back of my closet saying "no one at school would like this shirt" or whatever it was. I really am wanting to make a fashion blog that showcases my new jewelery line i'm starting (yaay!) but kinda scared of what my friends will think about it if they see it. What do you think I should do??? DX


Thank you so much for everyone's fantastic questions! I answered a bunch in the video I shot today... stay tuned! And keep asking more because I'll do a bunch of the Questions and Confessions videos covering all the bases! ...and if I don't answer your question in the upcoming video - there will be more!


Dear Mr Kate! I LOVE your jewellery! The stuff that YOU create! I'm super interested in designing my own but I'm unsure of where to start... I'm really keen to even do a course in some sort of metal work...  How did you start? What sort of process do you go through when you're creating your beautiful pieces?! Thanks, Rosie:)x


Kate,  I am about to graduate from college and am beginning the career search.  Any tips on how to turn interests and hobbies into an actual paying job?


Dear Kate,
What are your favorite products and styling tips for when you wear your hair really curly?  I know you like to use natural body and makeup products... how strict are you about avoiding parabens, sulfates, etc?  Thanks!! 


Dear Kate,
I've never been on a date and I am 20. I know a ton of guys, but we seem to go straight to the friend zone. Any Advice?


If you do how would you feel if that couple had a blog and posted pictures of them together??
And what advise would you give to that man wanting to have a blog but scared of what people would say?


Dear Kate
Do you believe that a man could love another man and that truly it doesn't matter because that is still love?



Can you give me some tips on confidence? I struggle a little in that area and tend to worry about everyone's opinions! Thank you 🙂


Hi Kate,

Can you do a post on arranging photo frames on the wall? Thanks keep up the great work <3 Bron


If you could do a DIY project for the celebrity of your choice, who would it be and what project?