rad hair post


woah! rad hair right!? i love the girl in the first pic with her afro and blue lipstick! i used to wear blue lipstick in 8th grade… i gotta find it again! another top fave is the blue to teal ombre mermaid hair in the third pic from the top. i was in the need of some colorful and messy hair inspiration for this coming summer… can’t wait to rock some of those crazy braids too!

i just joined a really rad brand new style site (still in Beta) started by my new-found buddy Allison Beal called Style Saint. it’s like the sleeker Pinterest for all things fashion/style and you get to create your own Style Books which are basically lookbooks/magazines curated by you! join and follow my tears here! click on my first Style Book below to see what kinds of funness can happen with Style Saint!

StyleSaint StyleBook - Rad Hair
all hair photos via fuckyeah-hair.tumblr


  1. Leah says:

    I’ve seen this pic on StyleSaint.. glad to meet another Saint, love that site. And love your blog, now following! xoxo, Leah

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