DIY tribal print wrap bracelet


my friend Hanah (check out her blog here) came over the other day and we made these fun UPcycled, hand-painted, tribal print, leather (from an old leather jacket) wrap bracelets… that can also double as boot accessories!

it’s easy to paint something to look like tribal print because it’s just repetitions of geometric designs!

Prep It:

  • about a 2 foot long strip of old leather (we used an old leather jacket from the Goodwill)
  • basic acrylic art paint – white works best
  • paint brush
  • decorative beads
  • scissors


  1. cut about a 2 foot long strip of leather with tapered ends. we made ours about 1 inch wide.
  2. paint whatever design you want in about two or three inch sections. it works pest if you paint on the suede side of the leather. check out this purse painting DIY if you want to paint on the leather side. refer to our wrap bracelet patterns or the patterns below for some design inspiration!
  3. add beads on each tapered end
  4. wrap it, tie it, rock it!

other jewelry on Hanah by Mr. Kate and Madewell and all of my jewelry by Mr. Kate – more info on my outfit and bone shoes here!

tribal print via pinterest all other photos ©


  1. Petra Zeller says:

    Wow this DIY is amazing. Great idea and pretty Bracelets. Love it.
    xo, Petra

  2. Joanna says:

    It’s so cute! 😀

  3. Kraman777 says:

    i love your boots! where are they from??

  4. Regnboge says:

    Wearing them around the ankles, really made them come out nicely.

    1. mrkate says:

      yeah! i like a nice boot jewelry

  5. Dotlinks says:

    Those are some pretty fierce shoes you got there 😀

    1. mrkate says:

      haha thanks ; )

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