DIY home: simple and chic upcycled dresser


Winston! watch your language on the blog! geez…cats these days.  anywho, i don’t know about in your neighborhood, but in mine, thrift stores are constantly trying their hardest to get rid of grody old dressers for dirt cheap.  why would you want a grody old dresser you ask?  this is why…

i probs will never buy a new dresser again!  this is such an inexpensive and simple way to get a beautiful dresser!  now, run to the thrift store and find a friendly old dresser in need of a new loving home!  send us your before and after pictures to or tweet them to us @mrkatedotcom!


step 1. check out your local thrift stores for a cheap beat up old dressers with good bones.

step 2. if the dresser has already been painted or waxed, sand it a little so the new paint will stick.

step 3. give it a once over with some primer.

step 4. apply your paint!!

step 5.  if you dresser is missing handles, perhaps try out this DIY:



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i so have to muster up the courage to do this! i have an ikea dresser that i bought 2 years ago and the cheap cardboard shelves are all sunken in due to do many things stuffed in there! is there a way to remedy this?


TOTES DID THAT with all my furniture in my apartment.... people below me were moving out and had this awfully ugly brown wooden furniture and gave it to me and I painted it all white and made it look very vintage. 🙂


Beautifully done!


Love, Lerv, Lv! I see these all the time and want one but.... Like you I have a small car. Did you have a friend bring it home for you? Beautiful paint job. How much was your dresser? I also see them when I am curb surfing! Love you Mr. Kate!