DIY swiss braids braid crown hair tutorial


i’ve been doing this hair-do for years and every time i wear it people love it and say “how do you do that!?” i definitely did not make up this hair style – it’s called Swiss Braids or a Braid Crown but i think it looks like the storybook character Heidi’s hair so i called it the “Heidi Doody”… let’s trend this people #HeidiDoody

check out other posts here where i’ve worn Heidi Doody and in the video and below where i styled Back To School, Office and Out On The Town outfits…


DIY Swiss Braids Braid Crown Hair Tutorial

watch the video above for the full tutorial

Prep It:

  • brush or comb
  • lots of bobby pins
  • hairspray – optional


  1. tease the crown of your hair to give it height
  2. part your hair down the middle and down the back of your head – like you would to make pigtails. optional: leave two pieces out in front (face-framing) for smaller braids later.
  3. take your bulk of hair on one side of your head and start a french braid up towards the crown of your head and gather hair as you braid down. repeat on the other side
  4. one at a time, flip the braids upside down on top of your head creating a ‘crown’ and secure with bobby pins. try hiding the bobby pins in the bulk of your hair and tuck the ends your braids underneath the braid and secure with a bobby pin for a clean look.
  5. optional: braid two pieces from the face framing pieces of hair and pin them back into the larger braids for a more intricate look. finish with a spritz of hairspray if needed.

Back To School look:

  • ASOS pants
  • Zara top
  • Zara shoes
  • vintage backpack
  • Mr. Kate jewelry

Office look:

  • Cathrine Maladrino skirt
  • Marc Jacobs pumps
  • Nasty Gal shirt
  • H&M blazer
  • vintage necklace
  • Mr. Kate ring

Out On The Town look:

  • Johnson shorts
  • Zara shirt
  • Zara faux leather jacket
  • The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate Le Cadeau ring
  • shoes from Kyle by Alene Too



  1. Charli says:

    Thank you thank you! Yours is the only crown braid that I have really liked! SO superbly simple and I love your outfit ideas 🙂

  2. olivia says:

    The hair bow and crown braid tutorial is super cool and fantastic!! And your videos are so quirky and fab!!!!

  3. weft hair weave says:

    It’s so beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much! I always wanted to rock a Heidi hairdo but I wasn’t quite sure until now. Mwah!

  5. aras12 says:

    looks so awsum omigawd

  6. Savannah says:

    I have longer hair and the braids were too long so it looked weird.. any tips?

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