OOTD: turquoise and mint


If you look at a color wheel, there are opposite colors and analogous colors. Opposite colors are just that; opposite to each other on the color wheel ex: orange and blue, red and green, etc. Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel ex: orange and red, blue and green, etc. and are thus closer related in hue and more subtle when paired together. Turquoise and mint are wonderful examples of analogous colors and I’m a huge fan of both, so for this outfit, I wore all mint and accented with turquoise jewelry paired with bright gold jewelry. Gold and turquoise are almost opposite colors and I think it’s a delicious combo too!

This is my velociraptor pose

[catalog-product id=”30294″]

[catalog-product id=”23535″]

I love this combo of gold and silver/turquoise jewelry! It’s so fresh!

[catalog-product id=”30295″]

Outfit Deets:

  • top: American Apparel
  • shorts: DIY studded shorts 
  • shoes: Forever 21
  • turquoise jewelry: Mix of vintage (from my Grandma) and the Mr. Kate Fin necklace
  • gold jewelry: all Mr. Kate



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I hate to be the color police, but I think complimentary and opposite colors are the same thing! Opposite ends of the color wheel, that is 🙂 and colors near each other are analogous, as Sarah noted.

Either way, fantastic outfit, and I love mixing gold and silver/turquoise myself! 🙂


Your nails look amazing! and the clothes and jewelry suit you so well. xxx


Loving the analogous color scheme, Kate!


thank you Sarah! xx


What color nail polish is that?


it's loose purple glitter that I combined with clear gel polish. : ) I ordered the glitter and the gel on Amazon - you can see more info on my nail art supplies here:



sucha cute, yet bold look! love the matchyness of the clothes contrasted by the metallic tones in the jewelry!

XO Sahra


thank you Sahra! xx