OMG We Bought A House! Episode 5: Be Our Guest(Room)!


Episode 5 if here!  YAYYY! If you missed it, see Episode 4: See You at the Altar and watch all of the OMG We Bought A House episodes here!

 The in-laws are a-comin’, so of course we needed to prep the guest room for their arrival.  A plain room with an old dresser and bed just aren’t going to cut it to impress our guests so Joey and I got to decorating and DIYing!  Watch the video above to see the entire transformation including how we spruced up a thrift store dresser (that we got for $60) in a matter of hours using a two-tone design, textured spray paint and rope handles.

Please comment and let us know what you think? Is it in-law ready? We still have a lot to do… including getting some actual curtains in the guest room. What do you want to see us do next?


We painted over the orange paint with a dusty blue color and the tray ceiling in pure white – see the old orange paint here and put in our old queen size bed and a dresser we got at the thrift store.


Ta da! I love how the dresser looks – the two tone is a perfect mix of masculine and feminine and the sand textured spray paint really covered the imperfections on the drawers. The canopy bed is a Campaign Canopy Bed – similar one here. Now all we need is some blindes and a rug… always a work in progress but I think for now, it’s cozy and welcoming for guests.


DIY Two Tone Textured Dresser with Rope Handles

This dresser had been DIY’ed a couple times already before we bought it from the thrift store, some of the handles were broken and it despretely needed a fresh coat of paint. I came up with the two-tone design to bring in the masculine/feminine juxtaposition I have going on throughout the rest of the house – see my vibe tray here – and the textured spray paint is a unique solution to conceal the imperfections on the drawers (don’t use it on surfaces you touch because it’s a bit rough). I also love how the rope handles look… kind of nautical!

Prep It:

  • an old dresser (we found ours at a thrift store)
  • a drop cloth
  • sand paper
  • natural rope – we used 3/8″ diameter
  • paintbrushes
  • spray paint primer in white if you’re going light or grey if you’re going darker
  • x-acto knife or scissors to cut rope
  • contact cement (optional, to secure the rope knots)
  • gray paint (we used Valspar’s Man Cave)
  • white textured spray paint
  • wood putty – optional if you need to fill in any holes from the previous drawer pulls
  • drill with a 1/2″ drill bit


Mr. Kate Conjure Feather Ring



  • Remove old hardware and plug up any unneeded holes with wood putty, let dry and sand smooth.
  • Drill holes for rope handles – either drill the existing holes larger or create new ones. We used 3/8″ rope and drilled 1/2″ holes.
  • Sand down any super rough areas on surfaces you’re not painting with the textured spray paint and white clean with a damp rag
  • Spray the body of the dresser with the gray primer, and the drawers with white primer.
  • Paint the body the color of your choice, and use the textured spray paint for the drawers. Let dry.
  • Cut lengths of rope for the handles – make sure to give yourself enough slack to tie two knots. Tie a knot on one end and feed the rope through the two holes, creating a loop in the front of the drawer and tie a second knot on the inside of the drawer. Trim the rope and you can use contact cement to secure the knot if needed.


Decor supplies!


That painting I did in high school using watercolors, the chair is from the thrift store (which I want to reupholster soon) and the straw bags are from the flea market. A tray of rolled white towels is a fun touch of spa luxury for your guests.


More decor items I’ve collected from around – I like to browse stores like World Market and Home Goods in addition to thrift shops.


Yay! I kept the bedding white with accent pillows and throw blankets to bring in color and texture.


What do you think? I hope you and our future guests love it! xx


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Kate i loved this room and im looking to renovate my room which i share with my sister and our room doesn't get a lot of light i want a color that will make it feel and look bright! and im loving the color on these walls! whats the name of it or do you have any good recommendations for a brighter room !


What paint and color did you use on the walls?


Hi guys! Thanks for your awesomeness!!

BTW: What paint and a color you used for walls here?


I have been looking for a canopy bed! Where did you guys get that one?


It's from Restoration Hardware!


OMG where did you get the bed frame I'm in love!!


Hi Stacy, it's from Restoration Hardware!


Favorite episode so far! Got alot of good ideas. Loved the grout tips!


These two are precious
Great handle idea and texture spray paint is rad. I put it on a picnic table with chalk paint frames.


Ohh sounds awesome Chef Kerwin!


Most inspiring room!!!


Thank you so much Hannah! I'm glad you find it so inspiring! xoxo


Love this! I love the Lupita Blue of the walls, because most of your downstairs being so white was feeling too blah for me. The cool accessories were awesome. And the lamby fur chair had a cool texture too. I also adore the simplistic rope drawer pulls


I love what you did with the guest room. I need you here at my house. Your ideas are wonderful.


Thanks Kim! You can always try to incorporate some of the OMG styling into your own house! And then send me pictures of course. I love seeing how people use my tips and designs.


If you reupholster that chair yourself, please film it! I have one very similar that I have been wanting to do but I'd like to watch someone else do it first for extra tips and tricks! Thanks! Awesome post 🙂


Oh thanks for the idea Jessica!


It's true, Joey is awesome!


yeah... he's OK... haha no, he really is pretty awesome. Thank you Anne.

Heidy Ramirez Roig

can you tell me what color the walls are? i LOVE it!!


I love how you decorated this room!! I would be a guest that wouldn't want to leave lol. My favorite part is the dresser, I love the rope pulls idea.


Thank you Megan, it was really easy to do if you ever have furniture that needs a little sprucing up!


the rope drawer pulls were the most ingenious idea ever!!


Thank you Rache! They are a fun little twist, aren't they?


I also loved how this room turned out, probably the most inspiring thus far! Thanks for making the hard work of decorating feel lighter with your inspired and unique ideas:) I would love to see you guys tackle the bathroom next.


Love the dresser! But, you need curtain rods! Lol!


Hehe, I know! They're coming, don't you worry.


Best episode ever! My dad's coming to visit next month so I'm definitely rolling some towels for him, very cozy!!


Thanks Paula. I hope Papa Rodio feels like he's at a spa!