OMG We Bought A House: Christmahanukkahkwanzaasolstice Special


It’s the holidaze and Joey and I knew we needed to decorate to create a cozy environment for relaxation and getting tipsy off mulled wine. Of course it involved lots of DIY, tree hugging and general merriment aka Joey making himself a tutu.

We sipped the Chrismahanukkahkwanzaasolstice kool-ade last year and did the whole 10 yards/ 10-foot tree, but after Winston and Roxanne kept eating it and puking up pine needles everywhere, I swore never again! So this year, Joey and I gave an old tree new life by transforming it into garlands/ wreaths/ wall displays/ hair extensions/ … ghillie suits?

I hope this episode inspires you to think about your holiday decor in an unexpected way, or, at the very least, to give that little runt of the tree lot a second look! Happy holidays! Happy decorating!

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DIY Evergreen Mantle Covering

Prep It:

Chicken wire

Cut pieces of pine branches

Wire cutters

Floral wire

Hammer and nails

Measuring Tape

Do It!:

  1. Measure your mantle area you want to cover and cut enough chicken wire to use as your base for your evergreen branches. If your mantle is wider than the width of the chicken wire (like ours) you will need enough pieces to cover the width as well.
  2. Use small branches of evergreen to feed through the holes of the netting in the chicken wire. Use floral wire if needed to anchor the branches.
  3. Hammer in nails along the top of your mantle and hang each evergreen thatched piece of chicken wire to hang down over your mantle by simply placing the nails through holes in the chicken wire. Bend the sides of your thatched pieces around any contours on your mantle, trim where needed with the wire cutters and fill in any empty gaps with extra pieces of branches.

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Download the Slaaay Bells Ring design here!
Download the Peace and Love design here!

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How did you get the wood candles? I NEED THEM!


Everything looks beyond amazing - it's something I definitely want to do in the future.

Quick question though, how does the green mantle cover keep over time? Do you water it or anything like you would a tree? Sorry for the dumb question, but my partner and I always go away for the holiday season to see our respective families and I don't want it to fall apart or look frazzled when we get back.

Sarah Josephine Enloe

Every time I watch OMGWBAH I want more and more to live in your house...and this was no exception. So glad I'm almost done with college and can move into place of my own and decorate like this (at least, the apartment friendly version) because it's gorgeous! I'd try to keep that mantle covering year round (just go faux fir -HA! - so it lasts)... though a moss version would be fun to try!

Keep up the awesomeness Kate and Joey! Merry Christmahanukkahkwanzaasolstice!


Your home is definitely #goals Kate! I love the idea of making garlands instead and adding that minimal white tree thing. It looks so dramatic and magical!