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They say that you are what you eat, and while that may be true (and that may mean you’ll have to start calling me Mr. Kombucha instead), I think it’s even truer that you are where you work. I don’t mean that literally (though I literally am and work at Mr. Kate), but rather that your desk set up is indicative of the type of person you are and what kind of amazing things you can create, even if we’re talking spreadsheets.

I know that some of you have office-mandated cubicles (which I have some great decor tips for!) but if you happen to have the freedom to create your own office structure, than I happen to have the perfect #IkeaHack for a beautiful, built-in, and budget friendly desk!

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MrKate_Built_In_Office (3 of 19)MrKate_Built_In_Office (14 of 19)Prep It:

2 Ikea Alex cabinets
1 Butcher block kitchen countertop in the length of your choice
Ikea kitchen cabinets to fit your desk width (from the Sektion collection)

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Do It!:

  1. Assemble the Alex cabinets (which you can see Team Mr. Kate do, with questionable levels of success in episode 2 of Office Goals!), or have someone who loves you assemble them instead and while you go on an iced tea run.
  2. Position the Alex cabinets up against the wall and mount the kitchen countertop on top of them, using them as proxy table legs. The hack in using a kitchen countertop is that it’s customizable to the look you’d like in your specific office, and is usually designed to both look beautiful and be highly durable — two qualities that I feel most desks are lacking in consideration of.
  3. Finish the space off by hanging the Metod cabinets on the wall above your new countertop desk. The height is dependent on your particular space, but I recommend about a yard! This gives you the perfect wall space for any inspiration or a cute calendar!
  4. Optional step is to use a hole saw drill bit attachment (like Joey did in episode 2 of Office Goals) to drill a hole for your power cords to run through so your counter top can sit flush to the wall.
  5. Get to work!

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In love with this! I've been looking for a new desk for the longest time for my apartment that's not a bajillion dollars and I seem to only like things that are over budget of course. I wanted to get something rustic silver minimalist chic and this could be the perfect solution! Now I just need to find someone to help me install it while I grab a latte haha


Yes, Alicia, that sounds so cute!!! The easy part will be finding the desk, the harder part will be finding your unwitting manual labor ?


It looks so beautiful & peaceful! I'd wish I had a desk space like this!


Thank you so much, Oana! You totally can have a desk space like this!


This is cute, interesting enough with the details and leaves a lot of room for work stuff. I wonder whose desk this is. Although I'm sure this isn't Brad, Slayzie (is that how you spell it?), yours or Joey's. Hoho. I can't wait to see the rest of the Mr. Kate Studio!


Thanks, Anne! Those are the qualities I love about it, too! It's actually Sofia's desk! Can't wait to show you the rest of the studio, we have a new episode coming out soon! xo


I think it's Sofia's actually.


Good eye! It is! How did you know that? hehe


Well... you need good lighting for editing photos, so what better than natural light & a next to the window desk? 🙂