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Part of the fun of running your own company (and designing your own office) is that if you really want something, you can make it happen.

For example, I wanted an office for Joey and I that wasn’t just beautifully decked out in salvaged wood, but that really lived up to the Boss AF Boffice name. That involved an Upcycl’d sideboard, some #whynot-themed wall art, and pendant lights that are basically fairy disco balls from the heavens.

Design Scheme: Because I work around so much color and have to use this office to plan so many other room designs, I didn’t want a strong color scheme to clutter my brain waves. Plus with the salvaged wood wall and the plaster wall, there is already a lot going on texture wise in this small room (with heigh ceilings). I love juxtaposition (duh) so I brought in the three crystal pendant lights from Lamps Plus and stuck to an otherwise neutral and white color palette for the rest of the furniture – including the marble lamp, white high-back desk chairs and rad gold octagon mirror above the sideboard…also from Lamps Plus! Not to mention those gold computer monitors!! I die.

True to Office Goals form, this Boffice-chic transformation couldn’t come together without some behind-the-scenes mayhem, lots of multitasking, and getting the privilege of making our inspirations a reality.

Watch it all above!













  1. Lovisa says:

    This is sooooo cool, I’m in love! 😀 The name of this series is very suitable, absolute GOALS!!

    1. Mr. Kate says:

      Thank you so much!!

  2. Daniel says:

    I SO need to make those moodboards for my college dorm room! Where the heck am I gonna find that styrofoam insulation?? :O :'(

    1. Mr. Kate says:

      You can find it at Lowes or Home Depot or a similar sort of store!!

      1. Daniel says:

        Thank you Kate!

  3. Brittan says:

    Love that rug! I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere, but now it is slipping my mind. Where’d ya get it???

    1. Mr. Kate says:

      Hey!! Thank you!! This is a really similar one from Amazon: XOXO!!

  4. Reese says:

    everything I beautiful! you and your team have done an amazing job! I curious about he upcoming video for the white board.. When will that one go up? I like to do something like that as my weekend project.. Thanks and much love from NYC! I hope you guys reach 1MIL by the end of the year!

    1. Reese says:

      sorry about the misspellings.. *everything looks beautiful and *curious about the upcoming white board

    2. Mr. Kate says:

      Thanks, Reese!! Which white board? The moodboards in the Boffice? Or the one for the Cous Cous room?

      1. Reese says:

        It’s the white board that Kate talks about at end of the a office reveal.. It’s might not be a traditional white board..

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