DIY Rainbow Drip Paint Wall


Not to throw proverbs at you, but you can’t have a rainbow without the rain.

Taking the message of this platitude kind of to heart (but mostly to the art supply store), I came up with this idea to give Jessie Paege’s dining room a wall with literal rainbow rain. A colorful paint drip statement wall!

Not only does this bring back my favorite point to make that the best statement walls require only a sense of adventure and no formal painting skills, but it was a ton of fun to don our paint suits (optional, but do plan to get messy!), and make a one-of-a-kind wall with as many hilarious memories behind it as days of being obsessed over ahead of it.

Prep It:

Pastel pink wall paint
Pastel orange wall paint
Pastel yellow wall paint
Pastel green wall paint
Pastel blue wall paint
Pastel purple wall paint
Painters tape
Drop cloth
Optional: Paint trays, hair dryer

Do It!:

  1. In separate containers, mix together 2 parts paint to 1 part water for each of the colors. Fill 3-4 syringes with each color of the paint/ water mixtures.
  2. Tape off the edges of the wall you are going to send your drips down. I also recommend laying a drop cloth down on the floor! This will help both in preventing any ambitious drips, but also if any mess happens around the work station. This is, by nature, a little messier of a project, so be prepared!
  3. If you’re working alone, start with one color, and use the syringe to squirt a little paint down the wall. When you’re beginning is a good time to test and play around with different amounts of paint and lengths of drips. This wall looks best with a lot of variety so switch it up!
  4. Whether someone else is starting with a different color as the same time as you, or if it’s time to move onto your next color, choose an analogous shade (i.e. neighbors in the rainbow) for the first few layers, so if the drips run together and blend it won’t mix brown.
  5. The water you added to the mixture was to keep the paint runny, but the syringes might need to be shaken up a little bit if you experience some paint clogging in the tip! You don’t want a color to suddenly explode!
  6. Pro tip: to keep some of the drips a little shorter, you can use a hair dryer to dry them quickly and keep them in place. This will help with the variety of colors and lengths on your wall!
  7. When you’ve dripped all the different colors down, and all the paint has dried, remove the painters tape from the edges of the wall and enjoy your new favorite selfie background!


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