stairclimber to heaven



this weekend’s project: BEFORE and AFTER of the 3rd room in our place, fondly known as the gym/guest-room/room with a huge closet that I keep half, yes only half, of my clothes. we needed a bigger guest bed situation and the walls desperately needed some pizzaz, but of course, little to no money should be spent! get the creative wheels a turnin’.

wall art I made for nothing…. didn’t feel like painting, so i covered a canvas I had with yellow tissue paper (to protect it for future use) then pulled out pages from an old book I got for $.99 at a thrift store a while ago and glued them all over. then taped one of my mom’s old b&w headshots from the 70’s on top… free quirky art!


BEFORE: how do you make a room that has a big ugly black stairclimber look zen and inviting? distract from the exercise equipment with color and wall interest.





AFTER: we bought the pull-out futon thing from Ikea (for around $210 because we had a $50 coupon), then I covered it with a blue blanket to make it less “ikea-esque.” we tossed out the old twin pull-out but kept the big back pillow to use as a headboard when the bed is open for guests. the bookshelf is positioned just-so, so that you don’t have to stare at the stairclimber from the hallway and creates an entry area into the room. the rug is made out of recycled plastic from Wedge Worldwide and in a stroke of genius, if i do say so myself, I used two yoga mats as rug runners and then, when you’re working out (and using the saw horse as a ballet barre), you can just pull back the rug and there are your yoga mats! printed out pictures, craft supply colorful feathers, magazine pictures of greenery from Martha Stewart Living in old frames, and box tops from Ikea gift boxes, complete the wall artwork. Plus another free art project….

CIMG0567using these supplies (old quilting square from my great-grandmother, wrapping paper, canvas, Ikea box-top, paper and charcoal pencil)…


i made this free large-scale art piece for over the couch.

total cost for make-over $210 (Ikea pull-out)


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