wax lips and green monsters



my day yesterday consisted of waking up to a Green Monster, then a west coast road trip from LA to Vegas where we stopped at a carney diner near some tanks and then went to see the amazing Love (Cirque du Soleil) show last night, which was WOW cool… but I didn’t take pics because we weren’t allowed and I’m still damaged from the guards at the Getty yelling at me for climbing on the statues one too many times.


the Green Monster smoothie I first heard about from rumineely‘s twitter, then I went the the website and had to try one. and I’m telling you they’re good!!! I tried the Virgin Green Monster recipe (which is pretty much just spinach, banana, milk and ice) and it was delicious! You really can’t even taste the spinach and it just tastes like a creamy banana smoothie with a green hue. I highly recommend them and you get so many vitamins packed in them from the dark leafy greens. My boyfriend AND his picky eater dad both loved them as well. Serve in a fancy glass and experience the health effects!


morning green monster mustache.





drinking flowers, joey sipping on 1000 island dressing and chatting with mannequins….this was all BEFORE vegas! H&M top, f21 wedges, wax lips and twig bangles.


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