cat approved faux fur and healthcare reform





The President is making his speech on the TV about important things like, universal healthcare and our in-the-crapper economy, and I’m blogging about Fall outfits…. whatever makes you happy, right? Well anyways, I’m FOR healthcare reform and FOR the new Rachel Zoe line for QVC and my new Jeffery Campbell black potion boots!

I’m always down for attire that look great, or you make look great by putting together genius funky outfits. That is why I shop thrift, vintage and flea markets, as well as Forever 21 and H&M. There is, however, a disconcerting aspect to cheap new clothing from the above stores because of, sweatshops. I am still doing my research and formulating my opinion on this issue because I’ve heard many arguements for and against them. Many sweatshop workers are for these overseas factories because of the work that they gain in poverty stricken countries. However, I think the conditions are less-than ideal in many of these factories, and I want to be an informed and conscientious consumer, and know that I’m not monitarily supporting anything destructive. I will continue to look into this, especially concerning the stores that I regularly shop at, and I will write a blog post with my findings. So stay tuned! Also please comment and let me know if you have any opinions or insight on this topic as well.

Alright, now onto fashion. I have been obsessed with Rachel Zoe’s show on Bravo. I watched it last season as well, and it’s totally a guilty pleasure for me where I stay glued to every word and flick of jewel and thread. In one of the first episodes she met with a clothing company to talk about a new line of faux furs! They looked awesome, especially this tawny colored vest she tried on, and I sooooo want one! I just heard through the grapevine that these faux fur pieces are going to be part of her new line of jewelry and accessories for QVC… which means cheap, bitches!! I guess she is going to show this new line at Fashion Week and then have it for sale on QVC with prices ranging from $32.50 to $130. I’m so going to be calling in to get one of those vests! It looks so real it’s crazy, but no wee animals were hurt in the process!

photos of RZ’s leaked QVC pieces from nitro: licious

pic of my Fall season splurge Jeffrey Campbell black potion boots (aka Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony cheaper knock-offs)…. Winston approves and said “thank god they have a hidden zipper!”


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