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the other day joey and i were craving a Disney movie so we watched Alice In Wonderland. love it, sooo weird and bonkers! before we started watching he pointed out how fairy tales are usually pretty female driven etc. and i pointed out that yeah, the lead role is usually a female, but they are usually “saved” by the prince (Alice is the exception). the prince usually acts more as the protagonist since he’s the one battling evil and saving the day and the female is trapped or asleep somewhere. also, the way Disney draws their females makes me a bit uneasy at the thought of little girls idolizing them. they are, after all, supposed to be 16 or so and usually have double d breasts and waists the size of their necks, where if they were to actually exist in the flesh, much like Barbie, they would keel over in a matter of seconds, because their organs wouldn’t fit inside their tiny torsos…. i guess i rained on that fairy tale parade!

today conor emailed me this link thinking i’d dig it and it was all too apropos, so i thought i’d post about it. the Rapunzel one is more morbid than humorous but i was amused by all of these Fallen Princesses shot by Dina Goldstein and it reminded me of my final student film (called Girls, Girls, Girls!) that i did with documentary footage of women with age/body issues which i juxtaposed with my own f#*%ed up “fairy tale” footage…. maybe i’ll upload that at some point to add to my moving pictures section.

photography: Dina Goldstein via jpgmag


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