square foot samurai



okay i’m back! i took a couple days off from blogging to recuperate from losing my wisdom and now i’m back into the blog of things.

yesterday the big project was building an above ground garden in our little urban oasis/back yard area. my mom was staying with us for a few days and she is a gardener extraordinaire and inspired/coached joey to build this “square foot garden.” our plan is to grow seasonal organic vegetables and herbs to cook and eat! joey was manly (with his samurai hair-do i gave him) and mom was bossy (in her pjs) and i was invalid/helper/photographer….in my pjs.

basic design: “square foot gardening” is basically gardening per square foot as opposed to “row” gardens. it enables you to get the most amount of growth per square inch and is perfect for urban enviornments. we don’t have soil so instead we had to create a system that would keep the soil consistently moist so the seeds will germinate and flourish. Mom and Joey started by building the water reservoir from 4, 4′ long 2×6’s and plywood, which they lined in plastic and filled with water. on top they set the deeper dirt container (made from 18″x4′ plywood) that had holes in the bottom plywood where rope was threaded through to hang into the water below and “wick” the moisture up into the soil above. there is also a plastic pvc pipe that runs from the top of the dirt container down into the water so all you need to do is stick the hose in the pipe to re-supply the reservoir. we put layers of compost and dirt and happy worms and then planted a variety of seeds, such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, basil, carrots, etc! i will keep you posted but hopefully in a couple months i will be posting with a mouthfull of fresh home-grown salad!

anyone interested in making their own square foot urban garden get this book.


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