the biggest loser….of fur



so as some of you may know, i am a cat person, and subsequently, a proud mom to two lucsious lovelies. i’m kind of obsessed and take pictures often and sometimes even make videos (i know, i’m borderline creepy). well, yesterday was the fateful day where the fuzzy wonders, Roxanne and Winston, got a dun dun dunnnnnn, SHAVE!!! we have stopped using professional groomers because they get too traumatized, poor sensitive beings, so instead, Joey Zehr Groomer Extraordinaire (still reaching for the ‘extraordinaire’ part of the title) did the honor. here are the BEFORE and AFTERs for the first season of the *Biggest Loser Of Fur!

Winston BEFORE…


Roxanne BEFORE…


there was obviously a looming problem, seen clearly in these BEFORE pictures! Winston was a couch potato who could fit into joey’s clothes, and Roxanne couldn’t fit on the dining room chairs, but could fill out one of my bras! thank god the Biggest Loser Of Fur interveaned. and behold…


the AFTER…


AMAZING, i know. Roxanne got a stylish (if not a bit shoddy) “fauxhauk” and Winston could probably be mistaken for a majestic african lion…he even fits well in the fitzwell! i wonder who will win the price of 200,000 scratchies?

*Biggest Loser is a trademark of NBC Universal and any reference or copy-written logo use is purely satire and thus protected under fair use laws.


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