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yes, this is a far throw from artsy photography, but in keeping with my quest to have a “lifestyle” blog, i thought it a must to blog about the Neti Pot!

the neti pot was originally used by yogis to cleanse the nasal passages for easier cleansing breaths. it was adopted in the western world about 30 years ago and is a great gentle and natural way to cleanse your nasal passages and sinuses. it works by disolving a tiny bit of salt in warm water and then putting the tea pot contraption in one nostril and letting the water flow up and out the opposite nostril, cleansing any dirt, immpurities and ewww boogers in the process! i got my first neti pot from my grandma when i was in high school and i’ve had one ever since, they’re pretty awesome. you can get the inexpensive neti and salt at any health food store, drug store or onlinetry it and feel cleansed, breath easy, and laugh at how weird and gross you look doing it!

photo cred: Minnesota Gal, Mother Nature Network, Fit Sugar, Science Based Medicine, Alaska Massey, Blotter, The Green Head, rod5606, Healthy Living


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