how to do the fishtail


video blog/vlog/me blabbing!… trying to do a fishtail braid for the first time… it’s one take, i talk about kitty litter masks?…hope it’s worth your time!

the blog i refer to, where i saw the how-to video, was lulu and your mom. and this was the video, if you want to watch it…she does a better job of explaining it than i do!

now i’m off to the ITVfest fundraiser party, where i have two pieces of jewelry in the silent auction! all for a good indy cause.


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love it, thanks for posting this, I've always wanted to know how to do this and never could figure it out! 


for sure! let me know if you have any questions!


U r so cute!!:) N i love the fishtail braid!


i loveee your voice!!!!
i tried following a tutorial on this as well but i failed. i think i did it wrongly so im going to go try your tutorial out later~
ps: your nails are so creative.


You are a bunch of awesome kate....
You are very funny!! it is always a pleasure to read you. more videoooooo love it!


That is the coolest thing ever! I'll have to try that, it looks really cool with curly hair. I have a terrible time with braids because my hair is so crazy curly messy! And your nails are really neat. I did that a few weeks ago by accident. It looked like some kind of fire gone mad. I tried to work that one out and it got worse, which at that point I took it off and just got around to painting them again.

As far as masks go, I have a great one that you should try. It helps with skin inflamation/irritation like sunburn and windburn and such. I don't know how often you actually get burnt, but it's nice to keep in mind for when you do! 🙂 I looked it up because I have rosacea really bad, and sometimes it gets puffy and sore, especially after being outside. Just take some aloe vera and licorice powder, mix it, and put it on for about 20 minute. It sucks all the heat out, reduces (if not gets rid of all) the redness, and you feel great again.

Looking forward to more travel pics! It looks beautiful there. Sorry for the long reply. I kind of overpowered your post. Ha!