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so the Gulf oil spill is not a laughing matter (although this video is a very humorous depiction of the current problem), on the contrary, it’s really depressing. every time i hear about it and it’s escalation, i feel helpless. i feel so badly for all of the people that are affected, but even more, i feel bad for the animals! animals are so helpless in this scenario because they have no idea what is going on and this sludge is invading their habitats and killing them! it makes me so sad and makes me feel like i really should do something!… what to do? well, i was reading this post on The Kind Life and it motivated me to sign this petition against offshore drilling, which i feel has proven to be so precarious and potentially destructive that we should really focus on alternative energy development. there are volunteer programs through GreenPeace and Oil Spill Volunteers.

unfortunately i don’t live near enough to the Gulf, so in the meantime i can sign petitions, keep my carbon footprint down (drive my prius), donate and send good thoughts! but if any of you are around the gulf and are volunteering or have any info, that’s so awesome! please share your story and keep up the good work!


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