great pacific garbage patch


have you  heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

it’s pretty surprising that more people don’t know about it…a huge area of trash in the North Pacific ocean caused by rotating ocean currents that clump litter together…estimated to be between the size of Texas and the continental US! mammals and birds are dying of starvation and dehydration because their stomachs are filled with plastic…and soon we won’t be able to eat fish because of all the toxins they’re ingesting. so it’s not just about the environment anymore…it’s about the health of all living things.

some things i do to lessen my plastic waste and carbon footprint:

bring my own canvas bag with me to the grocery store and farmers market, reuse ziploc bags, ask for no plastic bags and utensils when i get take-out (and if i happen to have plastic utensils i will wash and re-use them)…. turn off the water while i brush my teeth, try to recycle and buy bio-degradable whenever possible….

how to you do earth friendly?


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I don't think that is a picture of the "garbage patch". See the rocky shoreline in the upper right? The patch itself is widely dispersed over huge area. It is certainly not as dense as pictured above.




I shop thrift stores and craigslist as much as possible for clothing, furniture, accessories, etc.  I try to upcylce a lot and I try to buy less things that come in packaging.  

LOVE your site Mr.Kate.  I'm another Cate, over at SeeCateCreate.  You totally inspire me and I'd DIE for your hair.  😉


I wish I could clean all of these trash.


This isn't going to kill off fish and all the fish harvested for human consumption are nowhere near the plastic island


Wow, I've never heard of this! It's a tragedy and an outrage. Thanks for making us all aware.


Thanks for your comments!
I know it's so scary and we are so removed from it. We just get to take our trash out and never hear from it again. But obviously it does go somewhere!


Wow, that is horrendous. I can't believe I didn't already know about this. I try to reuse as much as possible and bring canvas bags when I do some grocery shopping. It's images like this that help remind people that their daily activities do have an effect on the rest of the world.


my jaw literally dropped and my eyes opened so wide when i saaw that picture. that' that's a lot of garbage. my mom brings her own bag to the supermarket as well and i take public transport if im going anywhere myself so my mom doesnt have to use the car 🙂
and we recycle plastics and paper in school! the amount we recycle is actually really amazing


I can't believe that i have never heard about this before! Thanks so much for enlightening me about this! In my family, we all recycle and reuse whenever we can. Maybe if the whole world was told and shown this, maybe those who don't recycle and reuse would! We need to save the Earth now! Thanks again Kate!