great pacific garbage patch


have you  heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

it’s pretty surprising that more people don’t know about it…a huge area of trash in the North Pacific ocean caused by rotating ocean currents that clump litter together…estimated to be between the size of Texas and the continental US! mammals and birds are dying of starvation and dehydration because their stomachs are filled with plastic…and soon we won’t be able to eat fish because of all the toxins they’re ingesting. so it’s not just about the environment anymore…it’s about the health of all living things.

some things i do to lessen my plastic waste and carbon footprint:

bring my own canvas bag with me to the grocery store and farmers market, reuse ziploc bags, ask for no plastic bags and utensils when i get take-out (and if i happen to have plastic utensils i will wash and re-use them)…. turn off the water while i brush my teeth, try to recycle and buy bio-degradable whenever possible….

how to you do earth friendly?


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