fancy vegans


i stumbled onto this article this week about ‘the rise of the power vegans’.  there’s been a rise in veganism among powerful business and media moguls, politicians and entertainers…i remember hearing that Bill Clinton recently went vegan but i had no idea so many other well-known people were…Steve Wynn, Steve Jobs, Russell Simmons, Mike Tyson, Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), Alec Baldwin, Dennis Kucinich, and Ellen Degeneres to name a few.

the article points out that this shouldn’t be shocking news.  veganism is an exclusive club (about 1% of the population is vegan) and i guess CEOs are into exclusivity…

all of this makes me think veganism really is on the rise.  i like the spin this gives to the whole notion of not eating animal products, it makes it seem ‘hip’ and ‘sexy’, something to aspire to… vegans are less and less like weirdo hippies and more and more like you and me!


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