wind down


i wasn’t allowed to watch TV while growing up. not until i was in high school. i was allowed one vhs tape a week on Saturday. now that i watch TV pretty regularly it’s hard for me to remember what i used to do with my free time all those years! i know i had homework and after-school activities but i also was really creative and would draw a lot or do different craft projects. i also was pretty fond of dressing up in weird outfits and dancing in front of the mirror or dressing my sister Tess up and doing photo shoots….i guess much hasn’t changed!

…except the TV watching. joey and i lately have been trying to limit TV time so we do things like read and talk and doodle! here are a couple sketches i did in my ‘down time’ last night. i usually tend to draw people and faces (like the people on my Twitter profile background). i like to set out with no real plan and see who comes through in the drawing process… it’s therapeutic and rewarding. what do you guys do (other than watch TV) to wind down?


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