st. nicholas in a box


ahhhhhhh St. Nicholas came today! and by St. Nicholas i mean the Netherlands/German one who comes on December 5th or 6th according to folklore to leaves treats in the shoes of good children and a lump of coal for the naughty ones. we celebrated this in my family growing up and at my Waldorf school where St. Nicholas would visit our classroom and give us golden walnuts (an excellent necklace pendant option i might add), or coal, depending… obviously i always got a golden walnut! at home he would come on his white flying horse (we’d leave carrots instead of cookies) and leave us presents and the most DELICIOUS honey cake!

well guess who came today bearing 100% vegan honey cakes and nuts!? the FedEx guy! er, St. Nicholas! our converstation was as follows:

me: oh FedEx, hi!

FedEx man: hello, sorry about your package, it’s a little wet.

me: uh oh, is it from Topshop? i’m expecting something from them

FedEx man(reading bewildered): no, this is from …St. Nicholas?

me: ohhhhhhh ST. NICHOLAS!!!!? JOEY, ST. NICHOLAS CAME!!! YUMMMMMM! (rip rip gobble gobble) oooo, the vegan ones taste EXACTLY the same!

i’ll get the recipe from my mom, errr St. Nicholas and post it soon!


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