hot toddy recipe


i feel like there is always the downer-lull after xmas. all the presents have been opened, the tree stands lonely and vacation time is quickly coming to an end. i live in LA so it’s not really cold but i still get a little stir crazy inside so i try to do activities and maintain my productive forward momentum. i’ve been thinking of my friends and relatives on the east coast with the blizzard going on. and then that makes me think of alcohol…duuuuh. one of my favorite cold-weather drinks is a Hot Toddy. it’s also a great way to combat a winter cold or flu bug. it’s so warming and cozy and makes you dreamy and relaxed when cuddling inside while the winter runs its course outside.

there are many Hot Toddy recipes (some using tea, etc.) but here’s how i like to make them (quick and easy of course!)…

Mr. Kate Hot Toddy Recipe:

you need:
1. whiskey or dark rum
2. a lemon or lemon juice
3. honey (or agave)
4. water
5. a pot
6. a mug or a glass that can handle hot liquid

do it:
1. pour 1 to 2 shots of whiskey or rum per mug into the pot. turn on med to low heat.
2. use your mug or glass to measure water and add enough water to be able to fill up your mug with the alcohol/water mixture.
3. stir in about 1 tablespoon (more or less to taste) of lemon juice. i like using actual lemons so you can get a little bit of the pulp floating around..yum!
4. stir in 1 teaspoon (more or less to taste) of honey or agave – the sweetness really cuts through the strength of the hot liqueur and makes it very drinkable.
5. heat up the liquid until it’s nice and hot but don’t let it boil because you’ll boil off the alcohol! pour, serve and sip!


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