jurassic technology


Joey took me and my mom to the weirdest place yesterday. it’s called the Museum of Jurassic Technology…huh? exactly! we walked into a very dimly lit and creepy museum space with displays that held things mouse sandwiches, dice and micro-miniature art under microscopes. the whole thing was a big ol’ question mark. mom and i muttered to each other “what the hell is jurassic technology?” as we peered at the miniature models of trailer parks. the place was packed and everyone seemed to have a similar perplexed look on their face.

at the very end of our adventure Joey spilled the beans that the entire place is a joke! non of the information is real and the whole place is a mockery of traditional museums! crazy bizarre right? i love that we were hoodwinked, it was fun. and it’s not publicized (Joey found out from Yelp) so most of the people in there thought they were deepening their intellect by reading about how you should drink baby’s spittle to ward of evil spirits.


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