i watched this film Catfish last night (on demand). you all have to see it! it’s quite intriguing. as the poster advises, i don’t want to “tell you what it is” but it is very thought provoking in regards to the cyber universe. the internet is how i communicate with the world every day and i feel as though i’ve developed and nurtured relationships by way of a little screen and a keyboard. quite odd if you really ponder. i know there is a removal of actual social interaction now that the internet exisists in its capacity. but at the same time it’s opened avenues of communication that weren’t there before as well as access to inforamtion and inspiration, which is how i like to use it. i know how important it is to also maintain a real-life life, away from cyber space. i hope that my blog works as an inspiration to inform about things off of the web. things that you can do and enjoy in the tangible world.

the film Catfish is very moving in a sort of sad and creepy way…there’s also some fascinating chest hair. see it and let me know what you think!


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