over the weekend, my friend needed a shot of a girl loading a gun for his film and i happened to be the chosen one so we headed down to the los angeles gun club to the get the shot.  as a disclaimer, i do not support guns or violence AT ALL – but i had never shot a gun before and was admittedly very curious.  i was one of three girls in the entire place, which was not very surprising.  after an information session by an employee, we put on the protective glasses and went into the shooting booth… the craziest part was that it was SO sooo loud in there – thank god for the protective headphones even if they do make you look ridiculous.

while it was weirdly empowering shooting a gun, my favorite part was picking up all the leftover bullet casings on the ground. i must have pocketed over 60, and i’m going to make some sort of art project with them.  once i figure out what to do with them i’ll do a post… but until then they’re sitting in a bowl in my room.

if you’re craving some jewelry made out of recycled bullet shells check out the Happy Wrinkles Collection in the Mr. Kate shop!


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