but you may smell like a salad


the title for this post should be “apple cider vinegar rinse” however, “but you may smell like a salad” was what my Grandma kept telling me as she was advising me to do an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. you see, i’ve been suffering from a dry scalp lately! ew? yes! not quite sure why, i think it’s from the heater and i’m just darn sensitive. i might need more oil in my diet. but anyways, it’s annoying. so i asked my very naturopathic Grandmother, Estelle, what she recommended. i wasn’t surprised by her response at all, as i knew it would have something to do with castor oil or olive oil or anything you could eat/rub on your body. so yup, “rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar” she told me. “you could also do a warm olive oil massage, that’s what i used to do to your father when he had a dry scalp.” – so there you go, a nice salad dressing on your head! she cracked herself up by saying, “it’s wonderful, as long as Joey doesn’t mind you smelling like a salad.” hmmmmm? she also added, “you know what else is nice? apple cider vinegar makes a nice douche too!” ohhhhhhkay, that is the topic for a whole different post.

so yes, i tried it. i bought a new bottle from Trader Joe’s for $2.99 and after shampooing, poured the vinegar all over my head. it felt nice! i rinsed it out but not too intensely and then put conditioner in my hair. i got out smelling like, well, a salad! i was a bit concerned that it would stick and i’d smell like a sour lacrosse player by the end of the day, but it didn’t! i made Joey smell my head right when i got out of the shower and he said, “apple cider?” uh-oh. but not to worry, after my hair dried, the smell went away. and all day i’ve felt clean and great, my hair is soft and my scalp isn’t itchy! …yay!


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