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Three Mile Island Powerplant


this monday, march 28th, 2011 marks the 32nd anniversary of america’s worst nuclear reactor meltdown.  on march 28th, 1979, a powerplant in pennsylvania released above-normal levels of radiation into the air. the three mile accident, as it was named, caused the evacuation of 140,000 residents within the area.  there were many differing opinions about how to read the facts of this incident but it raised a great deal of awareness about nuclear safety.

currently, japan is going through a similar crisis, although the accident at three mile island does not come close to this.  after the tsunami hit, a 4th reactor at the fukushima dai-ichi complex caught on fire and radiation was released.   the 8.9 magnitude earthquake damaged the plant’s cooling system – which led to overheating and explosions. so far, 210,000 residents have been evacuated from the area.

Kitten in Japan Earthquake

the devastation in Japan is horrifying, and as rescue organizations from around the world too help the people and animals affected. these organizations specifically help with rescuing animals:



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