urban beekeeping



Photo via Huffington Post

last week, it was officially announced that cell phones are killing bees.  scientists in switzerland placed cell phones near bee hives found that when the phone rang & emitted heavy signals, the bees would react to the noise and signals and fly around erratically, becoming confused and disoriented.


Photo Gene Hanson

while the bee population has been dwindling for some time, people across the US have been taking matters into their own hands in the form of urban beekeeping.  the movement has been gaining attention worldwide and according to forbes magazine, there are over 200 to 300 bee hives in new york city alone – most of them operating on rooftops.


Photo by Smiley Stevens

people who have these hives can harvest the honey from the bees while allowing them to flourish and pollinate surrounding trees, crops, and so on.  the main concern for urban beekeeping is for people who are deathly allergic to bee stings.  if you have a beehive, its an absolute must to take to steps to keep your hive under control… in order words, employing your common sense.

don’t let little kids near them, and don’t go sticking your hand in the beehive!

Photo via Huffington Post






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