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i know this is last week’s news but i wanted to post about it here and see what you all think! the USDA has replaced the old food pyramid (which originally came out in 1995) with a plate! this plate features new daily food ration recommendations with the biggest difference that dairy is now a side-dish! not even recommended as a staple! i’m surprised they found the chutzpah to stand up to the huge and powerful dairy companies. usually those guys are all in bed together, rolling around in cheeeeese.

the good news is you can easily look at this plate and see how to portion your food groups, AND, not that i’m preaching, it’s very easy to eat vegan on this plate too! whole grains are a staple in any vegan lifestyle and beans are protein peeps! check out the Mr. Kate recipe section for some yummy healthy foods to fill up your plate!

what do you think?

read more here USDA

update: check out PlanetBox which is a company that makes a stainless steel, to-go, lunch box tray for kids with pre-made conpartments for all the food groups. a great idea i think! school cafeterias should use these too!


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