warning signs


two New York University graduate students, Nein Lam and Sue Ngo, designed a T-shirt that detects Carbon monoxide levels.  the shirt raises awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning, which is very dangerous in humans. it has been a huge public issue for many years because of traffic, cigarette, industries, etc. the gas is completely colorless, odorless and tasteless but very toxic.

the t-shirt is called “Warning Signs” and actually changes color when carbon monoxide is present.  for example, if you stand near heavy traffic or idling cars by for a period of time, the lungs on the shirt will indicate the rise in carbon monoxide around you.

as i was reading more about the effects of  carbon monoxide poisoning, i found that it has been linked to reports of haunted houses and ghost sightings. a side effect of the poisoning is hallucinations and many doctors have linked reports of ghosts and supposed haunted houses with carbon monoxide leaks in those homes – causing it’s inhabitants to hallucinate….uh scary! ghosts AND poison!

photos via Nein Lam


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