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the SlutWalk protest marches began in April earlier this year as a reaction to a comment made by one man.  that man, Toronto police chief Michael Sangiunetti, stated that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” by “victimized” he was implying that woman are ‘asking to be raped’ by dressing in revealing (slutty) attire. obviously, this comment outraged many women and men alike who took to the streets in slutty protest.  the SlutWalks bring attention to how our culture blames the victim instead of the rapist or abuser – they are also a forum to unify woman who have suffered sexual assault or abuse.

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3000 people took part in the first SlutWalk in Toronto and they’re working towards reclaiming and “re-appropriating” the word slut.  for men and for women, yes means yes and no means no, fishnets or no fishnets!

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these men and women are fighting for their right to dress the way they feel comfortable, and if they’re extra comfortable with their bodies – so be it!  even in New Dehli- the world’s most dangerous city for women – is partaking in the protest.  according to the Huffington Post, a woman is raped every 18 hours or molested every 14 hours.  things are getting worse and the people in power are not addressing these issues, which is why the SlutWalks are becoming a way for people to spread awareness about sexual violence.

a 21 year old student Rhiannon Frame stated “Our culture needs to change – teach people NOT to rape, not how not to BE raped.” i think what Chief Sangiunetti said is the epitome of ignorance and i’m all for the slut walks and woman dressing however they want! what do you think!?

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