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have you ever heard of a Love Hotel? after seeing some of Misty Keasler’s photographs of Love Hotels in Japan, i am certain that i have never even heard of one.  Love Hotels are a uniquely Japanese idea – they consist of themed rooms that can be rented by the hour for couples or for “anonymous liaisons.”  the history of Love Hotels dates back to theEdo Period of Japan (1603 to 1868).

apparently, over 30,000 Love Hotels exist in Japan and a few other countries such as South Korea, Thailand and Singapore. Misty Keasler spent eight months in Japan photographing the most intricate and creative Love Hotels. in these photographs, you can see how much effort and time they spend on the design.

some of the rooms are so bizarre and play off a “cute” idea – like this Hello Kitty room…complete with hand and ankle cuffs!?

Misty’s photographs are definitely a study on romance in Japan, and the culture of romance in Japan.  the common misconception about Love Hotels is that they are like brothels – Misty states, “in order to rent a room you must come in as a couple. there are 30,000 to 40,000 love hotels in Japan and they are used by just about every sort of couple. i think there is a huge range [of people] that frequent love hotels—young unmarried couples who live with their families until they get married, married couples who may live in very tight quarters with family, couples in extramarital affairs, and prostitutes with their customers.”

images via The Morning News


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