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the South Korean government recently announced that are investing $2 trillion in converting all paperback textbooks into digital textbooks. when i read this, i immediately had mixed emotions and i believe there are definitely pros and cons to this plan.

the government also plans to launch a “cloud” library, so that the entire library of digital textbooks can be accessed on their devices.  because kids today grow up in such a technology-driven world, they do not predict the switch to digital textbooks will be difficult.  the new digital textbooks will include other multimedia resources that will help kids learn beyond just a page of words.

via ETcenter

i can definitely understand the pros and i imagine more countries will be jumping on board with this plan. however, there are a couple things that freak me out… when i was in school, i could never read the information or articles off the computer – i always had to print it out.  i like being able to highlight directly on the page, and i like holding something tangible in front of me.  maybe that’s because i am a visual learner? either way, switching to digital books WILL save trees and perhaps save some backs from breaking as you won’t have to carry 40+ lbs of books to class!

what do you think?


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