virtual shopping in south korea


Tesco, a United Kingdom based grocery chain, has launched virtual stores in South Korea under the name Homeplus, where commuters can shop with their smartphones while waiting for the subway.  in these Seoul subway stations, they have created grocery shelf facades with all kinds of products – fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, juice, etc.  they are designed to look exactly like a real market.

the way it works is that instead of wasting time waiting for the train, shoppers can now use this time to shop.   they walk up to the virtual shelves and choose their item by scanning the product QR code using their smart phones. after the QR code is scanned, the item goes into the customer’s online shopping cart. once the customer pays for the items, he or she can request a time for their groceries to be delivered right to their doorstep.

this concept was developed with very busy people in mind or i guess people who loathe the chore of grocery shopping when all they want to do is relax at home. so far, Homeplus has been very successful with shoppers. the idea is very innovative and most definitely one of the coolest grocercy stores i’ve ever heard of!

i actually do enjoy grocery shopping but i can see the overall benefits and the convience this brings to the people of Seoul.  this kind of virtual shopping is different than shopping online, because you get the visual aspect that makes you feel like you’re actually in a market. when you’re just waiting for the train, why not use that time more wisely rather than trying not to stare at the guy peeing on the track?

– smiley


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