the compostess


The Compostess is a new york city based company run by Rebecca Louie – where she offers home visits to teach people about how they start composting in their own apartments.  she gives lessons and consultations to clients (on an iPad!) on how exactly to execute composting, while making it a more approachable subject.

it starts with a pound of worms, a 10 to 18 gallon container, and some newspaper.  The Compostess prefers the new york times, because it is printed with soy ink. (interesting fun fact).  The Compostess makes dealing with worms classy!  the main function of worms is to eat decomposing natural materials – they are earth’s recyclers and the whole point of composting is to recycle your left over food, coffee grounds, used tea leaves, etc. you will contribute less waste to landfills and the valuable compost your produce is the best thing to nurture any organic garden or vegetation.

composting is also becoming important for businesses.  for example, The City Bakery in Chelsea (NYC) is dedicated to keeping their business as green as possible.  on average, they create 300 pounds of food scraps daily and instead of adding that to landfill – they compost it!  hopefully, other restaurants will follow suit.  The Compostess is already turning heads and adding some style to composting.   

– smiley


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