artist spotlight: domingos totora – art from cardboard


Brazil-based artist Domingos Totora was born and raised in Maria da Fe, a city in the mountains of Mantiqueira.  most of his work is centered around one common material — cardboard.  his surroundings are what inspire him most; the people who live in the community and of course, nature.  from recycled cardboard, Domingos creates objects and sculptures that are subtle, yet still draw attention.

the coolest part about his pieces is the certified sustainable process in which they were made.  first, the cardboard is dismantled, then the scraps receive a glue treatment which turns them into a pulp-like substance.  this pulpy-stuff serves as a base material for all the furniture, objects and sculptures.  next, the pulp is molded by hand into whatever he wants it to become! the shaped cardboard pieces are then taken outside and dried in Sun.

this labor-intensive process uses almost no electricity, as Domingos leaves it up to human hands and to nature to do all the work.  because cardboard is originally made from wood, this process is essentially bring the cardboard back to it’s normal state, turning it back into a wood-like material.

Domingos and his team believe that sustainability happens by actions and not by words, which is important to remember.  we can talk about it all we want but nothing will happen if no one does anything! supporting endeavors like Domingos’s not only benefit the environment, but they benefit his rural community, as Domingos employs and educates the people around him about ways to produce sustainable products.

his pieces are so, so beautiful and they really do reflect the natural process in which they were made.

images via deHab.  Domingos Totora’s products are available for purchase through TOUCH.

– smiley


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