decorating with collections


Antique bottles collection

by anna gustafsen

a couple weeks ago i blogged about decorating with my rock, seashell and sea glass collection. today, Smiley has put together an inspiration post about decorating with other kinds of collections…

 we alllllllll have had those phases of collecting different random things when we were little.  off the top of my head – i remember having a doll collection and collection of those flattened pennies you get out of a machine, and my most prized collection was my stickers! but adults have collections too! and they can be beautiful…

Luggage collection

 hopefully, this post will  give you some inspiration for starting a collection of your own if you haven’t already.

if you’re struggling with choosing something to collect, i would head over to the nearest flea market and look around.  there was never a time when i decided to start collecting, it sort of just happened – and ever since it has made going to flea markets and antique shops that much more fun.  if you’re the kind of person who is overwhelmed by vintage stores and so on , this is a great way to immerse yourself.  now you actually have something to search for and it becomes a never ending game to find it.  

this is an example of Philippa’s collection of random animals.  it’s basically a tiny little zoo on her shelf.

this is my favorite piece from the group — a horse head lighter. sweet!

By catherine gratwicke

i have some random collections i’ve started since i’ve been older here and there – on a smaller scale, i collect rosaries when i travel: read about it here. – smiley


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