the plastic body series


Smiley Necklace on Torque, photo © Margaux Lange

this is so cool! jewelry designer margaux lange takes upcycling to the next level with every little girls favorite doll.. Barbie! deconstructing this iconic doll from head to toe – Margaux uses Barbie’s body parts to create some hilarious and awesome pieces.  to her, “Barbie Dolls played a pivotal role childhood development as a tool for acting out and exploring the human relationships in her own life, as well as the fantasy lives, which she imagined.”

Smile & Eye Bracelet, photo © Margaux Lange

Hands Bracelet, photo © Margaux Lange

Margaux only gets her dolls from garage sales, eBay and thrift stores and donations — making the pieces truly upcycled.  but there is a reason for buying them second-hand beyond just the sustainability aspect… it is important to her that each doll she encounters has a previous life before it encountered her.  the Barbies that she collects all have secrets and their own stories, personal to the child who owned the doll first.  i love this and i feel the same way when i buy antique pieces.  i love knowing that there is a story behind it that i will probably never know.

Pinwheel Vintage Shoe Rings, photo © Margaux Lange

lucky for Margaux, because Barbies are mass-produced – it will be very difficult for her to run out of materials.  in her work she pairs the plastic parts with sterling silver, giving them an elegant touch.  what also makes her work special is that the Barbie pieces are one of a kind.  she’s been working on this series for nearly 10 years and since she was little she has been fascinated with the pop-culture icon that is Barbie.

Winged Neckpiece, photo © Margaux Lange

 many people have mixed feelings about Barbie, stating that it breeds false expectations for what a “woman” is supposed to look like.  while this might be true, Margaux helps us challenge some of that statement as she transforms this “ideal woman” into awesome jewelry pieces that YOU wear on your own body! it’s a pretty cool concept – i normally go for more subtle jewelry so this would be my choice to wear:

If the Shoe Fits Bracelet, photo © Margaux Lange

images via Yazter

– smiley


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