priti baiks


Panama based photographer José Castrellón recently did a series of portraits of men with their bikes.  the series is entitled “Priti Baiks” and is a display of creativity.  these men, who already have meager resources off which to live, find amazing ways to decorate and personalize their bikes.

the bicycles represent their own personal identities and are physical displays of pride for these men who have next to nothing.  José traveled all around Panama searching for cyclists to photograph.  similar to more affluent countries where men decorate and embellish their cars, the citizens of a less affluent country do the same to their bicycles.

José’s ultimate goal as a photographer is “to document cultural modifications of people, their involution and evolution within their societies, as well as all the events reflected in their environment.”  there are so many different ways creativity is exhibited in this series of photographs of seemingly simple everyday objects.

“Priti Baiks” was named as such because in Panama, the word “priti” means something has ingenuity and grace. the bike sets one man apart from the rest – to these men, their bikes are proven examples of their individuality.

photos: José Castrellón

– smiley


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