DIY idea: indoor forts from the victorian cottage


i wrote the following post for Hello Giggles today, and i wanted to re-post it here for you all because i think it’s such a fun idea! the room above is actually inside that little tiny cottage known as the Victorian Cottageit’s so cute! check out more pics of the interior here!


A while back, I wrote this post on Summer Bohemian Forts. You all seemed to love it and want to get your fort on, so when I happened upon this photo, I knew I had to post about Indoor Forts! It being Autumn now and all, we can’t really partake in the outdoor forts, so let’s bring the fun inside and make something like this gauzy beauty…

What You’ll Need:

  • Around 20 yards of a lightweight fabric of your choice. You might need more depending on the ceiling height and walls you need to cover.
  • An electric staple gun – I highly recommend investing in one, you won’t regret it!
  • Optional: A chandelier with a long chain and cord and a chain cover – there are tons on Etsy, even a burlap one! I heart burlap.

Do It:

  • Note: You do not need to have a slanted roof to get this look; you can ‘fake it’ by creating a tent-like slant with the fabric – see figure 1 and 2 on this diagram. Also, don’t cover over any light fixtures with cloth, it’s a fire hazard.
  1. If you want to hang a chandelier (like in the photo), I suggest having a professional electrician wire it up for you real quick. Make sure you cover your chain with your chain cover before the light get’s hung unless it has a velcro or snap closure. There are some great cheap chandeliers out there – here’s one for $48!
  2. Cut a piece of your fabric (keep the width of the bolt and just cut for length) with ample room to reach the ceiling and make a pretty puddle on the floor on opposite walls. You can always trim later. If you want to get crazy, you can hem the edges with a quick iron-on hem tape – no sewing necessary!
  3. Find the center of your cloth and staple it along the top of your ceiling, centered over whatever your forting around, bed, couch, etc.
  4. Next, staple to the sides of your walls – if you have a slanted ceiling like in the photo, just follow the shape (figure 3 and 4). Otherwise, you can create your own shape by letting the fabric fall from your center point on the ceiling in an outward slant and staple along the wall where you want it to rest (figure 1). You could also get creative and swag it over to create a shape like in figure 2! Make sure you leave some slack in your fabric as you staple so you get that billowing cushion look as opposed to pulling to taut.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have your whole area tented to create your fort.

Make some hot cocoa and cozy down with a good book, mmmmmm!



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