teeny’s tour of pie


Katie McKenzie Photography

a Mr. Kate reader named Teeny Lamothe is embarking on a tour of pies and she needs our help!  she is heading across the United States with the plan to learn from working with different bakeries so she can start her own!  her tour of pies is based around the idea of apprenticeship and the importance of mastering a craft… and of course, her love for all things pie!

she is taking her education into her own hands, and immersing herself in the culture of pie baking.  her approach to understanding pie-baking is commendable and she is going about it in a very traditional manner.  the idea/system of apprenticeship dates back to the Middle Ages, and was an extremely important part of becoming a master at one’s craft.  in order to become a master, the apprentice would have to live and breathe their skill under the tutelage of a more experienced craftsman. this kind of education still exists today, but not nearly as many people utilize apprenticeship as part of their education…they’ve sort of been condensed to the summer internship!

Katie McKenzie Photography, edited by Smiley

i believe that one of the best ways to learn is to direct experience – so Teeny’s mission is right on! she just needs our help to fund this project — she’s given herself a budget of $650 a month. help Teeny’s Tour of Pie here!


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