tsunami survival pod


a small Japanese company by the name of Cosmopower has developed a bright yellow floating pod that can protect up to four adults in the case of a tsunami or an earthquake.  water-resistant and sturdy, this shelter is named Noah – drawing a comparison to Noah’s Ark during the biblical flood.  the capsule is yellow so that rescue workers can easily spot it and is equipped with a window and air vents. here is the company’s president, Shoji Tanaka, demonstrating:

image © itsuo inouye (AP)

this mini-noah’s arc was designed in reaction to the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year.  one of these bad boys will set you back about $4000, a small price to pay if it actually is life saving.  so far, the company has received over 600 orders and are looking to produce a capsule that will comfortable fit 24 adults.

image © itsuo inouye (AP)

interesting idea, but i am getting terribly claustrophobic just looking at this thing! and i wonder about safety belts, are people just sitting inside this capsule with nothing to hold them down?

– smiley


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Anthony Conenna

It would be great for ships !! Just jump in release and if your in a bad storm it would be harder to sink


And what about a oxygen supply?

Anthony Conenna

I would say that if you have one you should set up with everything you will need.  You can make a nap sack and leave it in there.


And does it have something to hold food. Just in case you were stuck in there for days, you would want to have it stocked with bottled water and food, surely.